A New Side-Quest

I've written about being a wildcard before, and now I've recently faced a similar issue again. The problem with being passionate about what I work on is that a hobby becomes my primary focus, and then becomes owned by the company I work for, and then I can't show my work in my portfolio or enjoy the the project in my free time. It does have benefits though: it pays the bills, and for a period of time I truly enjoy what I'm working on.

This is my attempt to start up a new "side-quest" where I can work on something that's mine. It's partially for documenting what i'm working on, and it'll be a great bonus if someone else enjoys reading it and possibly even learns from it.

After leaving Gala Games I had a strong desire to continue working with games on blockchain. I have a lot of expertise in Hyperledger Fabric now, but I don't have any of the awesome tools or SDK that I helped design and build. I also no longer have a 25,000+ node network available for the products I build. So in a way, it's starting from scratch.

I still really like Hyperledger Fabric so I figured I could continue on with that knowledge, but use a new stack and language.

The summary of the plan is: Use Kaleido Firefly with the Hyperledger Fabric as the blockchain and Go as the contract language and Godot as the game client to build a decentralized RPG - eventually an Action RPG

Here's a rough outline of how I think the journey will go:

I've also decided to try out Ko-Fi in case people like my writing and want to tip me.

If this becomes a significant side project, I may even try to use their subscription option to provide exclusive content.