Why Go?

Same Framework, New Language

I already decided to build this project using Hyperledger Fabric, so this lets me build with a framework I'm already familiar with, but using a new language and thus a new SDK. It should help to ease the learning curve for Go, and also allow me to compare the two SDKs.

All the other kids are doing it

Go seems to be "hot" right now, so I figured I would give it a try.

Giving it an honest chance

The truth is I actually tried it briefly a couple years ago. But when I installed it I saw that the language forced me to store all of my code where some other developer thinks is best. I immediately removed it and went on with my life.

Thankfully, it has matured enough to stop requiring all code to be under the same directory (or do some manual fixes).

Another cross-platform language

A high-performing, strongly-typed language that can compile to on multiple architectures and operating systems is always a good tool to have in your belt.

Another blockchain language

Not only does Hyperledger Fabric support go, there appear to be some libraries for EOS that let you write contracts with Go. So hopefully when I give EOS a Go... it can be in Go. (See what I did there?)plat