Game Concept

I'm aiming for simplicity with the initial game concept. It may grow into multiple game styles in the same ecosystem with similar scoring mechanics, but for now - simple:

  • The game will be a "dungeon crawler"
  • The fighting will be automatic - your character vs. the tile you move to
  • Dungeons are created and operated by players
  • Tiles used to build dungeons come from random card packs

At a high level, it means we will have at least these types of data:

  • Players (unique accounts)
  • Characters
  • Dungeons
  • Unopened Packs
  • Tiles

They will probably fit together something like this:

erDiagram Player ||..o{ Character : "" Player ||..o{ Dungeon : "" Player ||..o{ UnopenedPacks : "" Player ||..o{ Tiles : "" UnopenedPacks }|..|{ Tiles: "" Dungeon ||..|{ Tiles: "" Dungeon ||..|{ DungeonMatch: "" Character ||..|{ DungeonMatch: ""

Seems easy enough, right? Well, let's get to it.