It’s been a while…

To say I’ve been busy would be an understatement.

Many things have changed for me in the last few months – but one has not: I still have the travel bug.

I’ve been incredibly busy on a project here in Israel, and I’ve managed to see many things on the weekends.

However, I wanted to get out to a few more countries while I”m here!

I finally booked a flight to Croatia. A hotel / car-rental booking soon followed. All of this is on my new Chase Sapphire card, of course. I’ll report how well the points / features work in other posts.

I’ve also updated my Couch Surfing profile and reached out to see if someone would like to host me or show me around.

  • Flight cancellation / change is covered by Chase Sapphire Card
  • Car Rental can be cancelled within 24 hours, and insurance is provided by Chase Sapphire Card.
  • Hotel can be cancelled within 24 hours.

So – this trip is booked and planned (for under $800), but could be cancelled with very low risk or costs!

This may seem like a bit of an advertisement for the Chase card – and it sort of is. That’s partially because I’m pretty upset with their competitor (Barclaycard) for some shady dealings they put me through.

But really, this post is a hint that there will be more posts soon.

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