Wanderlust Questionnare

Where to go?


As I’ve traveled, I’ve noticed a few things that make me realize my love for travel.

Ask yourself these questions. Depending on the answers, you may be afflicted with wanderlust.

My friends are encouraged to add to this list 🙂

  1. Do you know where your passport is?
    • Is it in your backpack?
      • Is your backpack within 10 feet of you?
    • Do you know the numbers by heart so you don’t have to get it every time?
  2. Do you have an international phone?
    • Do you have an international SIM card?
      • Do you put the country code on all your contacts?
  3. Do you catch yourself randomly checking travel websites for good deals?
    • Do you set alerts?
  4. Do you reserve time off work without a destination in mind?
  5. Have you ever booked a hotel while sitting in the airport?
    • Have you ever booked a hotel while sitting on the plane?
      • Have you ever booked your return flight while in the airport or plane?
  6. Do you have a universal power adapter in your backpack, just in case?
  7. Do you have multiple time zones set on your phone / watch?
    • Do you know the time zone offsets by heart?
      • Do you relate most things to UTC time?


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