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Atlas-ian Mistake

You may know that I used to proudly show that I have worked with Atlassian JIRA for many years. I have written countless customizations and even plugins for it. Trained hundreds of people, and ran many successful projects. It all ends now. Over the last 10 years, they have been neglecting the Server version. Many highly requested bugs and features simply went ignored and were “not prioritized.” Atlassian was too […]

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Go Go Golem

A few months ago I stumbled across an interesting usage of blockchain technology: . To put it simply, it allows you to rent our your computer to do work for other people in a safe and decentralized way. This means that desktop computer you have running all day doing nothing can now at least be making you some money to offset the electricity bill. At first I started as […]

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Being Social, but not a slave

I’ve ranted about it in many posts before, so I will try to keep this short. Facebook and all the other “free” service providers are basically evil. They are in the business of taking personal and private things from you and in exchange they offer you something of value… Sound familiar? The kicker is that what they are offering you is actually a pittance – worth almost nothing. If someone […]

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Leaving the GAFAMily

What is GAFA(M)? This is the name given to the services offered by the tech giants: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and sometimes Microsoft. Why do these companies get grouped up and named like this? Because they all have a common issue: they trade technology and convenience for their customer’s privacy and/or unreasonable amounts of money. They are a bit like a hydra: many heads of the same beast, and it […]

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Going Off Grid

It’s funny, the idea of going “Off Grid” in the real world often involves moving to the woods, digging a well for a water supply, and other slightly crazy things. Going “Off Grid” in the online world actually makes you go more “On Grid” than ever before. It requires you to learn a bit more, and understand a bit more – but it is so worth it. I was constantly […]

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How to NOT migrate Nextcloud

When I started on this journey, I thought I was going to write a post about how to move Nextcloud from one server to another. I had a few ideas in my head about how I could go about it. In the end, NONE of them worked very well (for various reasons). So, this is more about how to NOT go about moving your Nextcloud. The silver lining is that […]

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I already posted about my move away from WebFaction, so I thought I would give a brief demo of the steps it takes to set up a simple WordPress blog. In my opinion, it’s not that hard. There’s a hiccup here and there, but it’s just a one time thing. This whole process can be done in 15 minutes. Get ready for the picture storm. Pick a server I personally […]

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Escaping the Spider’s WebFaction

Intro Yes, yes, I know the title is lame. What am I talking about anyway? WebFaction is a hosting provider that targets the “hobbyist” or higher. Someone who wants to feel like they are installing and managing their own applications – like Word Press, etc. Their proprietary interface makes it pretty easy to use some common building blocks like “Domains”, “Applications” and “Websites” to put together most things you could […]

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Free up your time with free tools

I recently had the task of creating wedding invites I wanted to do something a bit more unique though. Everyone is using QR codes these days. I bet I could make an application for filling handling the RSVPs and give people a fancy unique link and QR code. Unfortunately, I’m very busy these days and it seemed like far-fetched dream. Fortunately, someone else already had the idea and did the […]

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