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Jitsi because Zoom is EVIL

Many of the services we use because they are easy to use. And for many of these services, their owners have bad intentions and we know it – but we want what they’re offering and we don’t know a good alternative. I’ve written about this in my Leaving the GAFAMily post, and in a few others. The latest issue, in this crazy virus-y world, is video conferencing. Enter Zoom. You […]

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Going Off Grid

It’s funny, the idea of going “Off Grid” in the real world often involves moving to the woods, digging a well for a water supply, and other slightly crazy things. Going “Off Grid” in the online world actually makes you go more “On Grid” than ever before. It requires you to learn a bit more, and understand a bit more – but it is so worth it. I was constantly […]

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I’ve generated a report or two in my day. My usual tools of choice have been C# and a 3rd party (free) Excel library. Some notable 3rd party libraries are EPPlus and NPOI. I’ve used this approach because I usually had more time than money. This means time to deal with the gaps that are common in free 3rd party libraries instead of paying the money for a professional library. […]

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McAfee LiveSafe Uninstall Fails

Here’s another one for the “Just Wrong” department. It also makes me think I should add “what is the tech world coming to” tag. Why has it become acceptable for the default state of things to be broken? Buy a new Lenovo Try to uninstall the McAfee Live Safe bloatware that comes with it Fail It’s OK though, you can go to McAfee’s site for help. They have it written right […]

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Technological Inertia

Everyone probably remembers Sir Newton’s 1st law – Inertia.  An object at rest stays at rest, an object in motion stays in motion. There must be an outside force to deviate from either of these patterns. I find this exactly parallels the state of many technologies today – specifically security. For many years, tech companies threw security by the wayside. Their products had lots of security inertia because they were […]

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Backblaze unhelpful – but still a good deal

I recently made a silly mistake and forgot my private key to my Backblaze backups. Stupid me. The annoying thing is that the password is still saved on my computer, because my computer is still able to back up the files. If you know the basics of public & private key cryptography, it becomes obvious that Backblaze must store the password locally somehow if it is able to perform a […]

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Bricks of Knowledge

Knowledge is like bricks: We collect them so we can build something. Some people collect bricks in a few areas and can build a bridge between two bodies of knowledge. Some people collect a lot of bricks in a single area and can reach new heights.   Some people collect a random assortment of bricks, and just use them to build a protective shield to keep others out. They might […]

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Nexus 5X is no good

The Nexus 5X is a sub-par phone I wasn’t sure I wanted to write this review, but now I’m quite certain. In the middle of writing this review I saw something I wanted to take a picture of, and of course – the Nexus 5X choked. I found myself saying “Would you work just ONE TIME!” I’ve never been so disappointed with any phone I’ve owned before. There is (almost) […]

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It isn’t until recently that I have learned the value of words. I found myself frequently disregarding many words because I thought they were of little value to me. Specific names to problems, laws, programming design patterns, etc. are all just “Words, words, words” to me. I don’t care what they’re called; I want to understand the idea behind them. I want to know what polymorphism is – and I […]

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