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5-Day Fast & Cleanse – The details

I did a 5-day fast / juice cleanse recently. My friends have had a bunch of questions about it, so I figured I would write it down and share with anyone who wants to know. What I did: I used a prepackaged 5-day fast & cleanse kit. The kit provided nutritional supplements, hunger management pills, and fiber. Because the company did not give me the kit for free, I’m not […]

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“Protein” Product Review

People often ask me “what do you eat” or, “how did you lose weight?” As I’ve said before, this comes with a change in what you’re doing, which starts by changing how you think. So… let me give you a glimpse into my mind of what I think when I look at food. I’m really not trying to pick on this product, it’s the same analysis for any product. I […]

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Nutrition and Speedometers

Calories are like the speedometer on your car… When you’ve been driving a while, you don’t need the speedometer any more. Maybe you check it when you start to drive in a congested area or pass by a cop.   But, you know what 40 feels like, and you know when you’re supposed to drive 40. But we tend to become comfortable with going over the limit. Calories are the […]

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Bricks of Knowledge

Knowledge is like bricks: We collect them so we can build something. Some people collect bricks in a few areas and can build a bridge between two bodies of knowledge. Some people collect a lot of bricks in a single area and can reach new heights.   Some people collect a random assortment of bricks, and just use them to build a protective shield to keep others out. They might […]

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Awesome Airport: Austria

I’ve had many posts I’ve been wanting to write, but I haven’t because I want to put so much into them. I’m taking a different approach now. I think it’s better for me to just write down a little bit to get it “out there”.  I can always go back and add more later. So, let’s get started… The Vienna airport in Austria is quite good great! It may not have […]

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It isn’t until recently that I have learned the value of words. I found myself frequently disregarding many words because I thought they were of little value to me. Specific names to problems, laws, programming design patterns, etc. are all just “Words, words, words” to me. I don’t care what they’re called; I want to understand the idea behind them. I want to know what polymorphism is – and I […]

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Betamax vs VHS

DRM hits Home

As usual, I’ve had a lot of thoughts swirling in my head recently. It is interesting in this age of technology how many of the constraints are man-made. There was a time when market forces dictated which products would win or lose. The need to remain competitive created independent research & development contributed efforts which then created many competing technologies. These technologies were different at a physical level out of […]

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Derek making La Mian

Big Cities and Project Management

I’ve often had an internal complaint about modern-day big cities. I see all the issues with them (high cost of living, unemployment, underdeveloped infrastructure, etc.) as entirely man-made. There was a time when location was critical to a business and there was no option but to crowd. For example, if you are moving large quantities of material it is beneficial to be close to a body of water for cheap […]

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Wanderlust Questionnare

  As I’ve traveled, I’ve noticed a few things that make me realize my love for travel. Ask yourself these questions. Depending on the answers, you may be afflicted with wanderlust. My friends are encouraged to add to this list 🙂 Do you know where your passport is? Is it in your backpack? Is your backpack within 10 feet of you? Do you know the numbers by heart so you […]

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It’s been a while…

To say I’ve been busy would be an understatement. Many things have changed for me in the last few months – but one has not: I still have the travel bug. I’ve been incredibly busy on a project here in Israel, and I’ve managed to see many things on the weekends. However, I wanted to get out to a few more countries while I”m here! I finally booked a flight […]

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