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Jitsi because Zoom is EVIL

Many of the services we use because they are easy to use. And for many of these services, their owners have bad intentions and we know it – but we want what they’re offering and we don’t know a good alternative. I’ve written about this in my Leaving the GAFAMily post, and in a few others. The latest issue, in this crazy virus-y world, is video conferencing. Enter Zoom. You […]

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Going Off Grid

It’s funny, the idea of going “Off Grid” in the real world often involves moving to the woods, digging a well for a water supply, and other slightly crazy things. Going “Off Grid” in the online world actually makes you go more “On Grid” than ever before. It requires you to learn a bit more, and understand a bit more – but it is so worth it. I was constantly […]

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I’ve generated a report or two in my day. My usual tools of choice have been C# and a 3rd party (free) Excel library. Some notable 3rd party libraries are EPPlus and NPOI. I’ve used this approach because I usually had more time than money. This means time to deal with the gaps that are common in free 3rd party libraries instead of paying the money for a professional library. […]

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It isn’t until recently that I have learned the value of words. I found myself frequently disregarding many words because I thought they were of little value to me. Specific names to problems, laws, programming design patterns, etc. are all just “Words, words, words” to me. I don’t care what they’re called; I want to understand the idea behind them. I want to know what polymorphism is – and I […]

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HyperXenBox at home

I needed another linux server … I needed to test some new hardware to stay up to date … I wanted to play with a new toy and I may be traveling soon, so it has to be compact. I decided on the Intel® NUC Kit D54250WYKH and ordered the parts off Newegg (instead of Amazon because Newegg was $50 less due to taxes). First off, Kudos to Intel on the unboxing experience: Now I […]

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Control your Versions, don’t let your VCS control you

Like e-mails, blog posts should not be written while angry. Because my career isn’t on the line here, I’ll go ahead and break that rule. It all started when I began working with two developers (Mike and Tiffany) on some projects.   The problem? They use Git, I use Mercurial. After doing a lot of research comparing Git and Mercurial, I decided to just go with Git. In total, I’ve […]

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Next Steps

Great news! I’ve been accepted into ADN! It’s amazing how overwhelming the possibilities are. I have access to all the software and the ideas just keep coming. I don’t know where to start, to be honest. I’m sure I’ll do something soon though. I’m still waiting to hear back from Microsoft about BizSpark though. Worst case – I can get started with Visual Studio Express.  322 total views

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Getting Started…

I’m looking to get a jump-start on this whole post-college, world-exploring, idea-generating mayhem. I’ve found a few programs (which I’ve applied for) that should help me along the way. Microsoft has a thing called BizSpark for start-ups to get free access to MSDN. This is similar to DreamSpark for students. I’m eager to find out the results of this application. Next, I’ve also applied to the Autodesk Developer Network (ADN) . Hopefully, […]

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Single Sign-on to JIRA with SiteMinder

So you’ve been using JIRA, it’s going well – and now you want to move away from the default internal directory or the built-in LDAP support. This may be because you’ve outgrown it, because you want easier sign-on, or because there’s been a shift in the environment that you’re supporting. No matter what, you’re about to go on a ride. JIRA supports Seraph authentication – both are from Atlassian. The great […]

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