Being Social, but not a slave

I've ranted about it in many posts before, so I will try to keep this short. Facebook and all the other "free" service providers are basically evil. They are in the business of taking personal and private things from you and in exchange they offer you something of value...

Sound familiar?

The kicker is that what they are offering you is actually a pittance - worth almost nothing. If someone offered you $5 for the amount of information Google, Facebook, etc. take from you then you would probably storm away disgusted.

I do miss my friends and family who live far away and want to keep in touch with them. Especially with the latest module we installed into our family, I expect there will be lots of updates. It is only a few days in, and it is already too time consuming and draining to keep everyone updated with pictures by chat.

So again, I want to remind all of my friends and family that we do miss you and think of you - and if you want to stay updated with us then please join us on a privacy-respecting social media. We like to use Mastodon. Mastodon works with anything that supports ActivityPub. Instead of being locked in like Facebook, it's like an e-mail address. You can "e-mail" anyone no matter what provider they use. If you have no idea what any of this means and want to join then just let us know and we can set up an account for you on our server!

See you on the other side!