Being happy while being unsatisfied

One of the great things about travel is that it not only lets you see new things, it also gives you plenty of time to reflect.

Long flights, bus rides, and the occasional 4×4 trip through the desert give a lot of time for self-reflection.

On this most recent trip (which I promise to write about), I had a realization about my passion for continuous improvement.

I’m not sure if it is my upbringing, or simply a part of my DNA. In any case, I always think things can be better. Anything can be improved. There is always something that can be tweaked or re-worked in order to gain some benefit. This insatiable desire for improvement has been a valuable asset of mine, but I’ve also found that it leaves me unhappy.

I have finally realized why. I’ve put the term “satisfaction” on the happy/unhappy scale. You see, “satisfied” can mean relatively happy, but it can also mean that something is “done”. As in, “All the criteria have been satisfied.” For me, the idea that something is “done” is rarely true.

I believe that I have avoided happiness in my avoidance of being “satisfied”.

So now, my challenge is to find a way to be happy, while also recognizing that things can always be better. Perhaps the trick to this will be smaller goals, and more celebration of them.

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