Awesome Airport: Austria

I’ve had many posts I’ve been wanting to write, but I haven’t because I want to put so much into them. I’m taking a different approach now. I think it’s better for me to just write down a little bit to get it “out there”.  I can always go back and add more later. So, let’s get started…

The Vienna airport in Austria is quite good great!

It may not have butterfly gardens or koi ponds like Singapore (I may post more about this later), but there is one thing it does have: convenience for tech travelers.

It is the first airport I have been in that had dedicated desks for laptops without being inside an airline lounge.

Also, they have comfortable “beds” so you can actually have a nap without shoving some chairs together like a homeless person.

Finally, their WiFi is fast and to the point! You log in and it immediately takes you to a page that shows the the status of flights in order of take-off time (ascending).

Thanks for being Awesome, Austria!

airport_beds airport_desks austria wifi portal

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