I have spent the last eight years in the Semiconductor industry. Starting from the ground up, I walked facilities to design the building infrastructure. Now I design systems, custom software, and databases to manage data and optimize the efficiency and quality of work in these facilities.

I solve problems by finding answers and creating solutions. Overall, I aim to not only make things work, but to make them work better. Nothing pleases me more than seeing a team achieve massive productivity and quality gains due to improved workflows and software interoperability.

My goal is to make every person's contributions increase by providing them with better tools and processes.

Some of the systems I've built involve:

  • Integration with Oracle® PrimaVera® scheduling software
  • Integration with Exchange Server®
  • Countless data collection and reporting applications built with .NET and SQL Server 2012
  • Autodesk® Navisworks® plugins to add additional intelligence to 3D models and improve usability.
  • Autodesk® AutoCAD® plugins (vanilla and vertical platforms) to integrate with databases and stay ahead of the BIM curve
  • Atlassian® JIRA®
    • Migrated from JIRA® 3 to JIRA® 6
    • Designed, administered, and trained for an instance with 300+ users
    • Developed custom plugins